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Talent Development

Talent Development

The mission of the Owatonna School District provides the foundation for Talent Development and Advanced Academic programming: “Inspiring Excellence.  Every Learner, Every Day.”  Central to this mission is our commitment to developing talent, promoting achievement, recognizing and supporting the needs of advanced learners, and fostering a culture to promote social-emotional wellness. 

Our Talent Development and Advanced Academic Programming is developed on the beliefs that:
  • All learners require differentiated instruction, resources, and learning experiences matched to their academic needs and readiness in order to maximize their potential.
  • Learners who demonstrate advanced academic readiness and/or potential have cognitive and affective needs that should be addressed with targeted and responsive programming and supports.
  • Talent Development and Advanced Academic programming are an important part of a comprehensive multi-tiered system of supports for all students.
  • We embrace that our program should reflect the rich ethnic, linguistic, and socioeconomic diversity of our district.
Our priorities within Talent Development and Advanced Academics include: 
  • Finding and developing the strengths and unique abilities of all students 
  • Providing opportunities for all children to develop critical thinking and advanced learning behaviors 
  • Honoring student experiential knowledge and giving students opportunities to play an active role in their own learning 
  • Increasing the complexity and depth of content to fit students’ learning needs 
  • Identifying advanced learners to provide them appropriately challenging instruction and programming which meets these students’ unique academic and social/emotional needs through enrichments and extensions not offered in core academic programming. 
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