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Talent Development

The mission of the Owatonna School District provides the foundation for Talent Development programming: “Inspiring Excellence.  Every Learner, Every Day.”  Central to this mission is our commitment to developing talent, promoting achievement, recognizing and supporting the needs of advanced learners, and fostering a culture to promote social-emotional wellness. 

Our Talent Development Programming is developed on the beliefs that:

  • High ability learners require differentiated curriculum and instructional approaches, resources, and enriched experiences in order to maximize their potential. 
  • Students should be able to engage in experiences that emphasize the development of intellectual innovation. 
  • All learners are entitled to an education corresponding with their particular needs and one that will extend their academic path.
Why Talent Development?

Children come to school with unique strengths and talents. While some students may show a readiness for a high level of academic challenge, all students deserve and need learning opportunities that help them discover their unique interests and strengths. Our talent development model provides differentiated learning experiences to challenge and engage all students across our system, including our most advanced learners. 

How is Talent Developed?

In Owatonna Public Schools, our vision is that all students recognize and develop their talents as a result of enrichment and appropriately challenging learning opportunities. We recognize that talent is developed through a process that begins with exposure to area interests, building skills and providing learning matched to the increased intellectual demand necessary for advanced achievement. Our talent development model is structured to nurture academic talent in all children through a continuum of services.

  • Talent development experiences are structured for learners to reach their full potential.
  • Talent development pathways lead students on a clearly articulated journey of intellectual, emotional and social growth.
  • Talent does not develop in isolation. Our role is to create the conditions for it to grow!
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