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Special Dietary Needs

Parents/Guardians of a student with a food allergy, celiac disease, food intolerance or have a special dietary need(s) due to a disability should first contact the Health Services Department to create an up-to-date health management plan with identified steps to be taken in case of an emergency. If you would like your student to eat school breakfast and/or lunch, please contact the Nutrition Services Coordinator. Depending on your student’s dietary need(s), you may be asked to submit a Special Diet Statement form to the Nutrition Services Department for your student. The Special Diet Statement form must be completed and signed by a licensed practitioner. 

In order for students to receive meal accommodations, including menu alterations or menu substitutions, the student MUST have a Special Diet Statement form on file. 

Requests for lactose-free milk due to lactose intolerance is the only medical condition that does not require a signed Special Diet Statement. Parents/Guardians can submit a written request for lactose-reduced milk by submitting the Lactose Reduced Milk Request form. Please note, juice cannot replace milk because the nutritional content is not the same and is in violation of state and federal regulations.