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Meals "To Go" / Distance Learning

Nutrition Services is excited to announce FREE "To Go" meal bundles for all children ages 1-18!

Please click the link below to place your order for meal bundles for the week of Sept. 28th. 

order form for meal pick-up

Pick-up Locations from 8:30 am - 9:00 am - Tuesdays and Thursdays unless stated otherwise on meal order form

McKinley Elementary - 1050 22nd Street NE - Main Entrance / Door #1

Owatonna Middle School - 500 15th Street NE -  Main Entrance / Door #1

Owatonna High School - 333 E School St - Door # 16

click here for menus

Free Meal Bundles are also available for Hybrid Learners with no sign-up required! These bundles are typically available on Tuesdays for Group #1 students and Fridays for Group #2 students! See our menus for more info!

Owatonna Middle School Hybrid Learners: Pick up inside cafeteria following school dismissal.

Owatonna High School Hybrid Learners: Pick-up in upper commons area following school dismissal.