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Multilingual Success Coaches

The role of the multilingual Success Coach is to serve as a liaison between multilingual families/students and school sites to help develop and sustain a trusting and supportive relationship that will benefit students, families, and the district. 

  • Develop relationships and work cooperatively with all staff on a team basis.
  • Provide assistance to new families and students as they enroll in school.  
  • Collaborate with community resources to provide appropriate services for students and families.  
  • Acts an advocate for students and families to provide an equal learning opportunity; helps students to be successful in the learning environment.  
  • Translate and communicate school documents. 
  • Interpret during meetings and testing.  
  • Facilitate communication between students, parents, and school staff to ensure student achievement.  
  • Serve as a bridge between the schools and families and advocate for educational equity for all students and families.  
  • Work with building teams to assist in educational equity for all students.  
  • Establish and develop strong community relationships (resource agencies,  religious, social services) to cultivate the possibilities to engage in and to provide our students and families with community resources.

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