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Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is Minnesota's public school choice option that allows students and parents to have access to schools that are not within their resident district. This program allows student enrollment from one school district into another.

Once accepted for open enrollment, the student may attend the nonresident district through high school graduation.

When you complete the open enrollment application, you are applying to the District, not a particular school or program. You will have the opportunity to include your top three school choices on the form. These will be taken into consideration and you will be notified of the available school/placement.

The completed open enrollment form should be returned to the central enrollment office. The form can be mailed, dropped off, or emailed to Once you receive notification of approval from the district, you may begin the student enrollment process.


Central Enrollment Office
Roosevelt Community Schools
122 E McKinley St
Owatonna, MN  55060
Phone: (507) 444-7900
Email Us

Once your open enrollment form is completed and approved, click the button below to complete the enrollment process.


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